Tilling, Gardens, Foodplots, Any Size

  • Gardening $75.00

With our warm Spring tilling can begin sooner than later! Hire me to do the work for you!

It's that time again! Start your garden and tilling plans now and book with me early. I have the equipment, experience and expertise to assist you with all of your needs. Any size, most anywhere and will do the work for you without you having to rent the equipment and do it yourself. I have references if you desire to contact them.

For the month of June I have taken off work from my part-time job so that I can accept as many tilling requests as possible. Of course I will till as time and weather allows in mid to late April and into June or even later if you have needs. The more jobs I have in a general location the better the pricing. So, if you have neighbors that would like some tilling work done please share this ad with them!

Equipment? I have 3 sizes of tilling equipment: Troybilt rear-tined tiller; 18 horse John Deere Diesel with PTO tiller; 50 Horse Kubota Diesel with PTO Rotovator / Tiller.

Call me....whichever you prefer and I will get you on my list and secure a spot for you.

Rates: minimum fee is $50. (You can't rent a tiller and do the job yourself for that amount.) Of course if it's a simple flower bed you want and it's not too large I may be able to do those for slightly less. Most jobs are around $75 depending on the size and condition of the area you wish tilled. The size and condition of the area to be tiled plus the distance I have to travel are all used in determining the fees.

So, contact me with any of your tilling or gardening needs. Tim