• Auto Repair Services $70.00

Hello there,
My name is Peter. I'm a certified mechanic with over 20 years of experience in the industry. I own a mechanic shop, PJ's Automotive in South Shore area. As the summer is right around the corner, I am having special promotion for you to prepare for the heat and the exciting road trip! Give me a call if you have any questions or concerns.

All of our services will include free tire rotation and battery test upon request.
$69.95 A/C Recharge Service :
This includes diagnosis, leak checks, and Freon 134a recharge. This is professionally done by an ASE Certified mechanic.
$89.95 Cooling System Service : Replacing anti freeze up to 2 gal. Check belts and hoses. Check tire pressure. Perform tire rotation, battery test and charging system checks.
$19.95 Wiper Blades + Installation : Includes two wiper blades and installation!!
$95.99 Engine Tune-Up : includes four spark plugs, air filter, and labor for most of four cylinders cars.
$89.95 Brake change : Includes brakes and labor for front axcel or rear axcel for most cars!
$110.00 Fuel System Injector Service : service your fuel system for better mileage and healthier engine.

My service is of highest quality and integrity
- Peter
57 Plymouth st, Holbrook, Ma