• Auto Repair Services

My name is Geoff, I have a small shop in Bedford mass. I have been a local BMW mechanic/enthusiast for the last 25 years.The shop is fully equipped.

Sevices include-Brakes/Exhaust/Timing Belts/Chains/Motor Swaps/5 speed Conversions/ computer diagnostics Cooling system service, Subframe/Trailing Arm/Controle arm Bushings, I have ALL the specialty suspension repair tools, brakes, tires, Tune-ups, exhaust, oil leaks, electrical and more.

I can turn out that CHECK ENGINE ,SERVICE or INSPECTION light and keep them out. I have the latest in vehicle diagnostic equipment / experience and the resources to fix what the other guy's can't, I buy BMW's in any condition as well.
Feel free to call any time. Thank you!! Geoff