• General Contractors $250.00

Finish your attic or basement. Get more space for a spare room, playroom or more. Add to your square footage and more value to your home.

If you need more storage space let me help you. I can build more storage over your garage doors or any where else you want. Other services offer are but not limited to additions, get a new room added to your house. Garages, add or fix you garage. Take a wall out and have an open concept. Add a window or just make the window bigger, get more light in your house. Add or move a set of stairs, make a duplex into a one family home. Move a door to the other side of the wall, build funky doors, hardwood floors and more.

I can build you a new deck or just fix what you already have. Get new steps, new rail, fix the plains, add a bench, re enforce the footers and add to the size...

I also have a Toro Dingo, like a BobCat and I am offering my services for trenching for sewer lines, electrical lines, drainage water, digging holes, moving gravel, moving construction debris, leveling ground, tiling for gardening, getting soil ready for grass and clearing brush.

First 4 hours $250.00 and $50 for every hour after that but the 8th hour is FREE for the same job at the same address. For more information contact Tim. Thank you.