• Moving $75.00

Thank you for your interest in using METRO MOVERS for your upcoming move! It is our goal to provide you with all the information necessary to make an informed and educated decision when choosing a moving company. To start, we'll explain our process and list some pricing for you, but please be sure to contact us to receive your personalized estimate.

Our prices are simple. There is a one time trip charge to cover fuel, mileage and insurance. The clock starts when we arrive at your current location and stops when we finish at the final location. There are no additional charges for extra stops. There is a two hour minimum, after that we charge in 15 minute increments so you only pay for the time you use.

The rate is dependent on how many movers and trucks we use. We do not charge per mile, per pound or per item, however there are additional costs for certain items that take more care, packaging and precautions (pianos, safes, pool tables, etc). Additionally, the trip charge may increase if your move occurs outside of our service area, (Tucson, Flagstaff, Sedona, etc).

Our rates are as follows:

2 Movers and 1 Truck for $75/hour, plus a one time trip charge of $75.
3 Movers and 1 Truck for $99/hour, plus a one time trip charge of $99.
4 Movers and 2 Trucks for $144/hour, plus a one time trip charge of $144.

We pride ourselves on being highly rated, honest, careful and dependable, so if you're looking for quality, efficiency and trustworthy service, then we're the right moving company for you.

We do NOT charge fees for weekends, holidays or stairs. Washer, dryer and refrigerator relocation is included in our service. We disassemble/reassemble furniture at no extra charge and come equipped with all the proper tools, hardware, dollies and moving pads. Any packing supplies you utilize would be an additional cost, plus applicable sales tax. There is never tax on labor.

Our relocation experts are experienced in ALL types of moves, so whether you're moving your office, home or just need help unloading a truck, we're here for you! We also have experienced packers who can help you pack your home efficiently. Our crews can even help you stage your new home to your liking.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of dishonest moving companies out there, so we implore you to do your research.

Another handy source when scouting movers is the Better Business Bureau. We always offer several recommendations when checking the BBB listing of a company. While a company can have an A rating and appear to have a good standing with the BBB, it is important to note how long that company has been listed with the Better Business Bureau. A company that looks relatively new may actually be a company that has changed its name or ownership, since doing so will remove any traces of complaints or problems from their record.

Know what you're paying for! Don't assume that a moving company will tell you about all of their fees! Some topics you should be prepared to ask questions about would include fees for fuel surcharges, if the clock starts at your home, if insurance is extra, if there is a charge for multiple stops, etc. Don't worry about asking too many questions! If the moving company won't provide you a straightforward answer, then take that at face value. A reputable company should be able to provide you a copy of the terms, listing the price you're paying, the scheduled time, how many crew members and/or trucks are being sent and the details of their cancellation policy.