Winter Yard & Garden Care: clean up, pruning, and more

  • Gardening

Even in mid- Winter, it's not too early to get started on a sustainable yard and garden care plan that will yield natural, year-round beauty. With over 20 years of experience, I can help!

Now is the best time to prune most fruit trees, along with many other trees and shrubs, while they are dormant! In Portland, many other gardening services can be done this time of year as well.

-- removing unwanted sod, brush & debris
-- improving soil friability, fertility & drainage, control erosion & runoff
-- customized special features, including paths, terraces, fences, planter boxes, trellises, etc.
-- an intuitive eye for design, specializing in native / non-invasive, and low-maintenance plants
-- a commitment to sustainable, earth-friendly practices & high-quality service at reasonable rates

Call for more information, and to inquire about the possibility of a free estimate!

aka The Fussy Gardener