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K.C. Landscapes & Excavation L.L.C.
Excavation and Bobcat Services - Landscaping

Although landscape design involves many practical facets, professional landscape designers also employ artistic touches to create an enriching environment that appeals to all the senses. The sight of changing colors, the sound of the wind rustling through the leaves, the scent of roses outside the window, the comfort of having a quiet place to relax with a friend or just sit and watch the kids play all help to make your place feel like home. Let us help you improve the value of your home, design and create a place of comfort where you spend most of your time!! Home!!

We will provide full lawn care including but not limited to:

Excavation and Bobcat Services:

* Drain Tiling
* Demolition
* Grading
* Shrub/Tree Removal
* Pulverized Topsoil
* Trenching
* Drainage Work
* Pool Removal
* French Drains
* Asphalt-Brick-Concrete Removal
* Deck/Patio Removal
* Downspouts buried


* Waterfalls
* Ponds
* Tiled Porch/Patio
* Flower Bed Design & Installation
* Fire Pits
* Decorative Retaining Walls
* Decorative Rock Walls
* Decorative Stone Walls
* Landscaping/Hardscaping of All Designs
* Sod/New Lawn Installation
* Lawn Restoration
* Aerate/Verticut
* Fertilizing
* Mulching

We provide both commercial and residential service
K.C. Landscapes & Excavation L.L.C.