Join Our Group to Get Local Organic Produce! Abundant Harvest Organics

  • Grocery Shopping & Delivery $30.00

Dear Produce Lover,
Do you enjoy fresh organic fruit and vegetables?
Do you like to support local sustainable farmers?
How would you like to receive local, certified organic produce that has been harvested within 72 hours of delivery, is 100% quality guaranteed, AND at conventional pricing?

This is what Abundant Harvest Organics (AHO) is committed to, and they want to offer their amazing produce service to Sacramento. But I need your help to bring AHO to us! As the community host, I need to find 150 subscribers to bring a drop site to Sacramento. I used to be a subscriber to AHO in Southern CA and LOVED it so much that I contacted them to ask what I needed to do to get them to come to Sac.

How it works: You sign up online to receive 100% certified organic fruits and vegetables delivered weekly--fresh from the fields of hardworking California family farmers. AHO offers a small box of produce (feeds approximately two people weekly), a large box (feeds approximately four people weekly), or the option to sign up for an "Add-ons Only" subscription where you can purchase individual items from growing list of farm-fresh add-ons to choose from such as raw milk, eggs, nuts, grains, meat and poultry at affordable prices. You can also set your produce delivery schedule to fit your lifestyle and eating habits. . . let's say you only need a box every other week. . . no problem! Set your delivery schedule to receive a box whenever you want to. Want a small box this week and a large box next week? Again, no problem! You control how much produce you get and when you want it.

What it costs: There is a one-time membership fee of $30.00. This fee covers the cost of your reusable produce boxes and produce cooler bag. It is important to note that this fee will not be charged until the Sacramento drop site has reached the number of members needed to become an active site. And you will be notified before this happens so that you are not surprised by a sudden unexpected charge. So you should feel no reservations about signing up. Only subscribers with payment information on file will be counted. Once our Sacramento site reaches the required 150 members, you will be charged the one-time membership fee; and, thereafter, the weekly charge for whatever you choose to order that week. The small box is $25.80 and the large box is $42.30. There is a $4.00 fee per delivery for an "Add-ons Only" order. And remember, if you only want to receive a box once or twice a month, you may do so and will only be charged on the weeks you receive your box.

Benefits to you: Abundant Harvest Organics. . .

- Saves shopping time
- Saves money
- Benefits your health
- Supports local organic family farmers

More questions? Call!

Hannah Davis
AHO Sacramento Community Host