Delivery and pickup - mover/ hauler

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Hello, I am offering up my truck and services to pickup and deliver whatever you may need moved.

I am a strong responsible young man with a toyota tacoma that I will use to make sure your items get delivered when you need it! I have been moving a lot of mattresses and bed frames. Have picked up tables, couches, dressers, other furniture and motorcycles. Tile deliveries, items from home depot etc...just about anything. I have plenty of straps and use moving blankets when necessary to keep things clean. I have not had one complaint yet. I try to be very reasonable and fair with my pricing and have been tipped many times so far.

So my service and pricing must be pretty good. I have driven and helped people all over the San Diego County and Lis Angeles area. I have recently moved to Green Valley and am now able to assist anyone in the Tucson and surrounding region.

I am available to deliver BBQ grills, dressers, beds, or other piece of furniture you purchased from an antique store etc. whatever it may be. Just give me the details and we can negotiate a fee for pickup and delivery (Fee will be determined based on difficulty/size/and distance.) Feel free to contact me via call.
Thank you!