• General Contractors

Looking to find a custom look? Has that old room lost its pizazz? Does your Trim-Work need an Overhaul? Need those Cold, Pesky Drafts Solved? Lighting Upgrades? Still fighting that Kitchen Drawer? Ceiling Fan wobble? Stubborn Doors? Kitchen or Bath need new Caulking and paint touch-ups? Miscellaneous Assembly work? Sure We Can!!

*Drafting and Project Layout Consulting
*Fix-and-Flip work
*Flooring Installs
*Custom Carpentry
*Door Replacement/Adjusting
*Deck Repair
*Screen Replacement
*Pet Doors
*Repurposed Material jobs
*Gut Jobs/Clear-Outs
*Painting and touchups
*In Home Pool Table Installs and Disassembly
*Home/Garage/Closet Organization
*Custom Shelving Based on YOUR needs
*Home Rodent Elimination Services: Still finding mice in your home, Year after Year?

Installing Pet-Cubbies! Area(s) in your home that your pet can call their own:
to include:

*Enhancing your trip-free living space for co-existing harmony
*Tuck away bulky bedding, toys, etc *Catwalks and Perches
*Dog Ramps *Feed Stations. *Storage Shelving
*And of course, brownie points from your pet to boot!

Locally Owned and Operated.
Honorable Veteran
Tradesman 15+ years