SAGA BUILDERS. Quality Garage and Shed Construction

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As a Pewaukee based small business, we have maintained our licenses and insurance since 2004.
We are experienced, professional, and courteous...and operate with low overhead to keep our prices competitive.

We employ no sales force and use no high pressure sales tactics.

Our Process:
I personally handle all client contact.
During our free consultation; I listen to your needs and collaborate with you to produce a design and select materials with consideration to size, function, aesthetics, and, budget.
I put together a proposal that outlines the specifics, and upon moving forward (in most cases), require no down payment until the work begins. Payment terms are clearly outlined in the proposal, and in some cases can be flexible.

We offer prints including floor plan, elevations, and wall sections...typically with no additional cost.
I am on site, performing and overseeing the completion of the project from start to finish. Any work to be subcontracted, or duties not to be performed by us are specified in the proposal.

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