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Hello and Welcome to ABA'S 3 Refinishing & Furniture Repair.
Please read on...ABA'S 3 Offers 1 word Quality!!Guaranteed in furniture repair.I take pride in what I do. I have been in business for Over 30 years therefore, My returned clients are very happy with my work - 100% Satisfaction!

ABA'S 3 knows that furniture is not just a piece of wood that comes together to make a structure, It is history that helps build it.

I Repair, Restore, Stain, Match and Refinish Furniture Including Antique Furniture and more... I work hard to give you the results you are looking for. ABA'S 3 will make your furniture like New again... I take care of both of Residential & Commercial in the DFW and Overseas.Yes! I handle Insurance claims for damaged furniture and Kitchen Cabinets.

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